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The Biorseth Home on Forked Creek late 1880s 

(Credit: Diana Harris)


Minnie Pearson's Bait House on Beach Road in the 1940s

(Credit: Shelly Lampp Babington)


Chadwick Beach Pavilion in 1930s, later known as Lou Woods' Casino--on site of today's

 White Elephant

(Credit: Bernie Reading)


Buchan's Landing, 1916

(Credit: Diana Harris)


Lampp Family on Yale Street, 1920s

(Credit: Shelly Lampp Babington)


Army prefab Post Office on Dearborn and Elm

(Credit:Diana Harris)

About the Archives


Our Vision

 The greater Englewood, Florida area community will use the Englewood Archives as a central repository for public records and historical documents which will permanently preserve our rich cultural heritage for future generations. 


What & Where are the Archives?

 Built in 2013 as part of the renovation of the Englewood Branch of the Charlotte County Library, the Archives for Englewood, Florida area is located at 3450 North Access Road in Englewood as part of Tringali Park complex. This special addition to the library was specifically built to house the archives and preserve documents, photographs, collections, etc. for future generations. 


Why Do We Have Archives?

 In the archives facility, historical materials are properly organized, stored, conserved and preserved permanently for future generations.  Materials include property records, court records, tax records, vital records, local history, genealogy and family papers, special collections and manuscripts, plans and maps, photographs, micrographics and electronic records. In addition, a public archives facility also provides public access, so historical materials will be scanned and  the public will be provided computer access to these digitized materials. 

To Donate Items to the Archives:

 If you wish to donate materials to the Archives, call Charlotte County History Services at

941-629-7278 to speak to the Historian. 

About Us

Preserving the Past

 Our Mission
Helping preserve the history of the greater Englewood, Florida area. 

 Our Purpose
To support the Englewood Archives through fundraising, education, raising public awareness and establishing broad operating policies for the Archives. 

Current Board of Directors

Don Bayley (S);                              Carol Leonard, Sec., (C);

Herb Stephens, Treas. (C);          Shelly Lampp Babington (S);     

Bart Tracy, Pres.(S);                      Anne Merrill, V. Pres.(S);              

TBA (C)                                            Donna Stogsdill (C)

(C) = Charlotte resident, (S) = Sarasota resident   Are you interested?  Email us at or call 941 870-8105 and leave us a message. We also hold working meetings for projects throughout the year. 

Sarasota County Centennial


The Friends of the Englewood Archives are proud to be a partner of the Sarasota County Centennial 2021.


Get Involved

 Are you interested?  Email us at or call 941 870-8105 and leave us a message. We also hold working meetings for projects throughout the year. 

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There are so many ways to support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways to get our message to your community.

Friends of the Englewood Archives, Inc.

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